Music Monday: My Afternoon Dream by Jhené Aiko

Check out Jhené Aiko’s latest release, “My Afternoon Dream”, that you can download for free on her soundcloud!

Happy 26th Birthday Jhené, we love your music.

Model Crush Monday

Kendall Jenner has been modeling for a few years but it seems that after this past season, she’s making her mark. Modeling looks exclusively for Vogue, walking runways for names like Marc Jacobs and sitting front row next to Anna Wintour at TopShop’s show in the UK, Kendall is killing it!

Some more of Kendall’s latest highlights we’ve spotted!



Congrats, Kelly! #Engaged

Congratulations to Material Girl Kelly O. on her engagement to lover Matthew Mosshart!

We love you, Kelly!

Cheers to the bride to be!!

Operation Cronuts!

From Eyewitness News to Cosmo, from our newsfeeds to our favorite blogs – in 1 short month the cronut craze has taken over NYC!

So WE HAD TO KNOW….  what’s all this freakinnnn cronut hype about??!

This morning, our MG interns Brittany & Danielle set out on #OperationCronuts – AKA the day they woke up at 4AM on a mission to get cronuts for the MG office.

 Check out their MG blog post below:

4:00 AM

Donut + Croissant = Cronut

Would they be worth the 4AM wakeup?!!?! That’s the question…

(Obviously we snoozed a few times.)

5:30 AM 

En route to Dominique Ansel’s bakery. Half asleep and dreaming of cronuts…

(Drawing by Matthew Fan)

6:00 AM

We were determined to get to the bottom of the infamous half croissant, half doughnut pastry hybrid…

 A quick trek down to SoHo and we were 10th in line at the bakery at 5:50 AM. We were soooo excited, slash wondering – WTF are we going to do with ourselves for the next 2 hours?!!

We stared in astonishment at the crowd as the line quickly wrapped around the block. Making friends with people in line and describing to each other what we thought the cronut would taste like, it was 7 AM before we knew it.

7:00 AM

Each month has a featured flavor, and lucky for us, July brought a blackberry flavor that had our mouths watering in anticipation….

 On line, we met a couple from Florida who were on vacation and willing to spend two hours in line just to try the infamous cronut. There were hundreds in line, taking pictures, and whispering about the new flavor of the month and what they thought it would taste like. Cars drove down Spring Street staring at the line in bewilderment- wondering what all the hype was for.  As 8 AM was quickly approaching, a French news reporter went around and asked the crowd everything they knew about the cronut and Dominique Ansel.

8:00 AM

At 8:00AM on the dot, the bakery door flew open. The mastermind of the cronut, Dominique himself, greeted each customer at the front door.

As we walked in and formed another line in the bakery, an attendant walked around passing out fresh, warm madeleines. As we got to the front of the line, Dominique was now behind the counter serving his masterpiece.

Two cronuts were served in a shiny, gold folded box. We couldn’t contain our excitement and dashed back to the office to share our sweet treat!

9:00 AM

We ran into the kitchen and split one in half. Looking at each other to see who would take the first bite, we both bit into it at the same time. The cream filling and incredible icing on top, combined with the doughy yet flaky texture made every bite heavenly.

The soft, sugary, sweet, delectable cronut with cream and blackberry filling oozing out was worth every minute in line…. and every calorie!

 So, was it worth it???? Yes.

We’re setting our alarms for August 1st… got to try the next flavor of the month!


Brittany & Danielle

Throwback Thursday: VOGUE

Let your body go with the flow.



Anyone else excited for GIRLS season 2 premiere this Sunday?!!?! Sooooo, if you haven’t watched season one, definitely get on it- it’s the SHIZZZZ! For real, it’s the modern day ‘Sex and the City’ but WAY better… sometimes we feel like it’s our lives (seriously). Most of all we really love how REAL Lena Dunham is.. she’s never afraid to rock out and bare all– she embraces her imperfections and is DEFINITELY a Material Girl in our eyes!!

Hot Mess.. Inside My Bag

A peep inside my bag… if u care. -Lola

- Comme de Garçons red & white polka dot wallet

- Carmex lip balm

-A cracked iPod

- Organic hand sanitizer

- Halls cough drops



Happy New Year, Material Girls!!!


We’re so excited to welcome in the year 2013! This year is going to be about being the best you, fearless, and living each day to the fullest! Stick with us for the hot trends, beauty tips, DIY’s, and Material Girl product influenced by our favorite icons and bloggers, plus much more.

We hope the new year is treating you well! Cheers to a happy and inspirational year!

The Material Girl Team

Throwback Thursday!!

Madonna by Herb Ritts


How Do You Sparkle This Season?

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Glitter Platform Sandals