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Word, It’s Wednesday

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Word, It’s Wednesday

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The new Fall 2014 Material Girl marketing campaign, “Boardwalk Babe” featuring actress and Hollywood Records Platinum-Selling Artist, Zendaya!!!  Material Girl takes Coney Island Boardwalk with Zendaya, as she was photographed in a series of fun, sunny hot spots including the iconic Wonder Wheel, at the park’s sweet shop, ticket booth and water gun game.


Lola Looks Back

Happy summer to everybody reading this! I’ve been crazy busy lately. I just met with the Material Girl design team. Can’t believe I was just starting high school when we launched MG and now I am graduating! These looks will hit Macy’s when I am a college freshman.

Just to let you know, this is partially going to be an unoriginal blog post about how very happy and slightly saddened I am that my High School years are now coming to an end, and how I reflect upon the past four years and prepare myself for the real world.

Looking back on the past four years of high school means looking back on unfortunate outfits I wore confidently to school (good for me).

Oh how I wish I could go back in time and urge my 14 year old self NOT to wear black rhinestone studded t-shirts with bloody skulls on them, purchased from really “hip” stores (wtf is hip anyways). I like to reassure myself though, that I had to go through that awkward time of “trying stuff out” to figure out what I liked wearing best. I still don’t think that I have a defined style, maybe because I don’t want to limit myself to what I should wear. Makes me happy knowing that I went to an arts school where any kind of style could fly: It gave me the confidence and the yolo spirit I needed to successfully look like a clown (it’s fine). Despite my unfortunate fashion choices I definitely don’t look back on High School with any bitterness. Even the times when cockroaches crawled out of my locker, or when trying to concentrate during an exam next to a room full of people rehearsing for show choir (ha), or walking up 7 flights of stairs on a Monday, or the lunchroom flash mobs. You know, standard things. I know that I was lucky enough to go to a truly exceptional High School that produces high quality shows and actually teaches you the craft of what you’re studying. So many things that have been a part of my everyday routine for the past four years now suddenly aren’t and it’s weird because so much more lies ahead – yet it feels almost empty to wrap up high school. Of course I’ll miss the friends that I’ve made and the family that makes up the drama department, but it’s really beautiful to be able to see all of the people I dearly love and care for, people that I grew up with for four years, go on and pursue their passions, whatever they may be, and find their place.

Anyway, as summer approaches and as I keep forgetting to shave my legs, I leave behind my big granny sweaters and ironically flattering turtlenecks that are worn by lower east side hipsters and unfashionable moms in the 80′s. But I greet with open arms crop tops, Adidas sandals, fun bucket hats, and just walking around with no pants on and it being ok. I predict that over the summer I’ll be wearing a lot of tribal pants and sports bras and hopefully not a floral romper. Not dissing floral rompers – it’s just that they are abused.


Music wise, my taste shifts a little bit in the summer and I start to listen to songs I would listen to on a beach kicking it. So far, it’s been a lot of Tribe, Kaytranada, Gold Fields, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, The WKND.

Here are some songs u can bump it out to if ur ever feeling music deprived:

Ca$H Bandicoot – Errybody tipsy

Baby Bash x WKND- Suga Suga

Flume x WKND- Hyper Paradise

KAYTRANADA- Be your girl

KAYTRANADA- Hilarity Duff

Gold room- Embrace

Empire of the sun- Alive ( Gold fields remix)

Little Dragon – Paris ( Totally Enourmous Exctinct Dinosaurs holiday edit)

BANKS- Goddess

Busta Rhymes- Dangerous ( LAKIM remix )

Para One- You Too

ZHU- Paradise Awaits

Ruddyp & Carling Ruse – Making Luv


I feel like High School Graduation is something I’ve been talking about forever and now its finally here. I was so excited about “being done with school” and now that I’m actually done I’m like clammy and sweating and nervous because… WHAT?!?! Knowing that I’ m going to have to wake myself up for class, and not someone banging vigorously at my door for 5 full minutes, relieves me and worries me a little. Wrapping up High School has been pretty hectic (not actually doing THAT much so idk why) and words cannot express my excitement to sit in the sun and jam wiv friends. These are songs for chilling in ya room, chilling on tha porch, chilling in tha yard, the beach, with friends or solo. I hope that all of you reading are able to find the chilling time to kick back and blast some sound – and if you don’t, then maybe u should make the time because… who doesn’t want to do that?

Thanks for readin y’all!–