In case your local paper hasn’t updated you, I have been lucky enough to spend basically my entire summer in EUROPE. Mostly Cannes, where I was recognized a lot despite my seemingly inconspicuous glasses…I should have thought it through but I didn’t.  As an American I feel that if you have the opportunity to leave the States and visit another country, you should. At least Europe- because it is very different. Not because “oh yes you must be cultured and open-minded and know about other rituals and differences”, but also to test your patience and morality and politeness. Unlike in the states where there is a no “smoking area” in France there is just  “smoking everywhere.” The French language is also made up of a lot of grunts, groans, sighs, and tssks which you aren’t sure are actual words or just noises people are making out of boredom or frustration. In addition if you want anyone to help you at any time in a restaurant or bar or store you need to FIND them, wave them down and then beg them like they are the lords before they do anything for you. The last part was just an exaggeration but just to give you a rough idea J Im partially kidding of course. I love France along with all its little flaws that are also what makes it genuine and a different place from anywhere else. Being in France we obviously did as the French do, and I for some reason thought that 3 croissants for breakfast was reasonable. Now I’m looking back at pictures and cant help but notice that we resemble beached whales more than beautiful swans on the beach. Do swans even go on the beach? No? Good!

courtesy of Tumblr

After eating the days away in France, me and my moms casually meandered on over to the quiet and unknown island Ibiza. Unfortunately I don’t remember past this point. Just kidding! It was amazing. Like ok Ibiza it’s crazy, it’s fun, yolo omg party lalalalalala. But there is honestly an energy on the island that is extremely calm and positive, but also just makes you feel good…and makes you wanna go out and cut shapes. Where we stayed overlooked the sea and two huge very famous rocks called ES VEDRA. They supposedly are magnetic and have healing abilities if you touch them. Legend also has it that when /and if the earth should come to an end, new life will spring from this point and it will be the place of rebirth. Enough history though, let me move on to nightlife.

It happened quite beautifully that skrilly boy X played a 3 hour set one of the nights I was there so being a 6 year going strong fan girl I obviously went and raged my heart out in the front like a lunatic like the entire time. I ALSO felt the need to yell all the songs I knew at the top of my lungs and like if you’ve heard his music you obviously know words aren’t the primary focus so I just looked dumb which I usually do at places like that.

photographer: Richard Johnson

After his set I was able to catch a half hour of Hannah Wants’, which was a really fun surprise. I have been a fan of hers for awhile now and it’s really encouraging to see successful female producers or DJs because it’s primarily a male dominated industry. And she also is like really good.  As far as fashion in Ibiza – I don’t remember much, I just remember shorts.

I now start college, which is exciting obviously but at the same time kind of horrifying. WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? It felt like I was literally just whining about how it was SO COLD and I COULDN’T WAIT FOR SUMMER. IS THIS A JOKE?? IT’S GONE. DONE. Ok enough you feel what I ‘m saying. Its time for me now to tone down the Ibiza all night ragers and just chill a minute before I start college. Which will be a completely different and new experience for me but I look forward to it with an open mind and a bottle of Nyquil.


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