THIS JUST IN: Florence + The Machine- What the Water Gave Me

Do you believe in love at first listen!?  Because we LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. We’ve been jamming out, dancing  at our desks, playing it on repeat since yesterday!!!

It’s the first video from Florence + The Machine’s still-untitled second album due out in November! (Thanksgiving present anyone??? We are thankful for you Florence!!!) But don’t be tearful Material Girls-you can get the single NOW! OBSESSED.


One of Lola’s favorite bands is The Gorillaz! We are obsessed with these guys because their videos are so unique and fun! Have you ever heard of them?

Watch one of their videos now!!

Playlist Obsession-Florence + the Machine

We loveee Florence + The Machine. They are one of the BEST Indie Rock/Alternative bands!!! Florence is an amazinggg singer and we love her theatrical side.  Their music is so infectious, and totally gets you pumped up. Did anyone see their performance at the VMA’s?!?!  They absolutely MADE the show!

Music Obsession-The Pretty Reckless

We wanted to give a proper shout out to The Pretty Reckless. Our Material Girl Taylor Momsen rocks it! Check out the their video for Make Me Wanna Die. And watch the video below of their acapella performance at the Material Girl Collection launch at Macy’s in Herald Square.

Lola Loves…My Chemical Romance

Soooooo… we all know how much Lola loves My Chemical Romance. We wanted to give them a shout-out today, and find out what you guys think of them! Watch them rock out in “Welcome to the Black Parade,” We love it!

Playlist Update – Nikki & Rich

We were recently introduced to Nikki & Rich. They are a singer/songwriter and hip-hop/R&B producer that describes their music as “Alicia meets The Supremes, while hanging out with Lauryn Hill listening to Outkast’s “Hey Ya” remixed by Phil Spector”. Nikki Leonti and Rich Velonskis aka Rich Skillz provide a contagious energy for us. Their music is so refreshing and gives us such a fun, easy vibe. They’re style is like no one that I’ve come across in a while, but they keep it unique and reflect their character through their stylish looks!

New to Our Playlist-Nneka

When we first heard Nneka, it was love at first listen! Her music is so full of soul. You can’t help but be relaxed, or move to the music. Nneka shines in her own light, and is totally unique. She sings all types of music: soul, hip-hop, R&B, afrobeat, and reggae; and she makes magic happen! We admire her spunk and organic talent.

Check out her most recent album, Concrete Jungle!

New Music Obsession – The Morning Benders

We are totally blown away by The Morning Benders. We recently stumbled onto a YouTube video of the band in a jam session, playing their song “Excuses” with the The Echo Chamber Orchestra. It is such an amazing musical collaboration among true artists. It will totally give you goose bumps. The best part is when all the men get into the a cappella “da dum” session, and the front man Chris Chu just pours out emotion. Check it out.