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It’s Loler, comin at you with the ill blog update. Well, as all of you know we had our MG beauty launch party where I took some really awkward pictures of myself pretending to make out with body mists and nail polishes etc.

It was so much fun though and everyone laved the new stuff. There are body mists, lotions and soap. My perso favorite is “Viva vanilla”. After putting it on you feel like you want to take a bite out of your own arm. Please don’t do that.

Also we have like a CRAPload of nail polishes that are all cool.  No lies I am currently wearing “labyrinth” is just like bright white sparkles and if you add like a hundred and forty coats of polish like I do than it almost comes out silvery white. HUM HUM DIDDLY what else….. ah oui! Lastly we have eye makeup palettes, theres a more girly palette with gold and soft pink and a more smokyish ( not a word) one with greys, silver and blacks. IZ GOOD.

Aside from that as you all know I go through my weird obsessions and I’m a huge YouTube fanatic, I learn how to do EVERYTHING on YouTube. OK anyway aside from all of the stupid things I look up, there’s also some good new music that will pop up on the side, of the page for example like that’s how I started listening to “the dodos” and “bear hands”. OK OK so the other day like a video popped up so I watched. Ok so here is the thing. It was a Greyson Chance video. As soon as I clicked on it, in my brain I was like oh this is gonna be about a boy telling a girl “ he’s only gonna tell her ONE TIME” (bieber reference). So I start watching and I wasss like…..what!!!??? THIS IS AWESOME. First of all he can play the piano like nobody’s business. Second his hair doesn’t do that helmet thing that annoyed me. THIRD, he has SUCH A GOOD VOICE, I mean like its really very good. I was genuinely confused about  why his voice was THE shit.


I recently went to see “Book of Mormon” the musical on Broadway. Its pretty self explanatory except for that there are like 100 swearwords a minute and musical numbers in between those swearwords. In case you didn’t know Book of Mormon is written by the writers of south park, sooo yeah its pretty non- PC. The main actors were great and the songs were really catchy and fun. Overall it was pretty damn hilarious and I had the song “I Believe” stuck in my head for like a week… And that definitely means something too! So go chchcheck. It. OUT!!!!!!

TO end on a fashionable note. Literally… For a while everyone was saying that the 80’s were back and they really are but lately there have been some MAJOR 70’s trends back. For example the high wasted flare of bellbottom jeans. Also the chunky platform heel is DEFFO back which has been happening a lot lately. CROP TOPS like a non slutt-ish belly shirt OMFGOSH. Add all of those pieces together and it makes you look like your legs go on for days and that you’re 7ft tall. Anywayss it’s just something I’ve been noticing in the past few months and I LAIKE IT ALAT.



HEY!!! LoLa HeRe!

WHAT is newwww????

Something I’m newley (not a word) feelin’ , is hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube. Yeah I’m just the coolest kid. No but for shiz- it’s soooo good, I learned how to do a fishtail braid!!! :D haha, and there are these girls that have like violet and green hair and they do all this cool-ass makeup.

Ok random but I learned how to make brownies off of YouTube, thanks to Charlie Mc.Donell who can be found at  charlieissocoollike ( that’s his YouTube channel).

Oooooh ok, so I wanna tell you about styling and shooting the Fall Material Girl Campaign! As you know it’s still with Kelly Osbourne, which is BOSS!!! And I’m SUPERRRR excited about it!!! It’s pretty awesome!

For the upcoming Fall line, expect some bellbottoms (yeah we got you covered Nicole Ritchie) , some Aztec-y print stuff, clog wedges, more jumpsuits and lotsa other cool STUFFZ.  Tell me what you guyz think of the new Fall campaign with Kelly O and that’s all we have time for on TODAIZ BLOG!

Oh YEAH!!! Follow Material Girl on Twitter @materialgirlcol for MORE COOOOL stuff!!!

What Lola Loves!!!

I’m BACK!!!

FOR ALL THE POTTERHEADS ! Last month I went to see “ How to succeed in business without really trying”, it a musical comedy and Daniel Radcliff is in it! He was soooo good, and despite the fact that he wasn’t a singer he sang really well! If you live in NYC I reaaaaaaally recommend it.  Ah to be a potterhead is good but frustrating, every time he sang I wanted to shout EXPELLIARMUS and every time he got in trouble I expected him to whip out his invisibility cloak and be like “ BLOODY HELL, hop off my sh*t man”.

I know usually I don’t talk about serious things but I would like to be serious for the moment. In areas of Southern Africa, mostly in Uganda, there have been many child abductions. Joseph Kony is a dictator who is responsible for all of this. He wants to overthrow the already crumbling Uganda gov’t and believes the easiest and cheapest way to form a big army is to abduct children, drug them and brainwash them to fight for there cause. The rebels go terrorizing villages, destroying communities and ripping families apart… The rebels refer to themselves as the LRA(Lord’s Resistance Army). This problem is major and there are not enough people who know about these events so make sure to spread the word! There is a foundation called “Invisible Children” which 3 young guys started. They went to Uganda with hardly any knowledge on the subject and made an impressive difference. They have set up warning systems, which informs the villagers of when the rebels are attacking. In the last 2 years, around 900,000 children out of the 1.8 million that were abducted have returned to their homes. The good news is that Kony has moved out of Uganda but the bad news is that he is abducting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo now. To help, you can visit the invisible children website and donate money, or buy one of the bracelets handmade by ex-child soldiers (Invisible Children Website). Make sure to spread the word and get involved!

To end on a happy note ma little fruitcakes, hope you guys and gals enjoyed this blog entry and had an AMAZING Easter/Passover.

Helloooo fellow citizens of the globe!

It’s lola, l-man, ll cool L, jay-L. Juz comin here to give you the 411 on things that probably are irrelevant to your life and mean nothing to you. I would just like to rave for a moment – does anyone know who “manrepeller” is?

Ok so if you don’t that’s fine because people who have lives don’t spend their time on fashion blogs. If you DO know her, how cool is her blog? OH. Ma freaking got.

The REASON I am repeller-obsessed is because, I consider my everyday wardrobe to be a little repelling to the male species. For example I’ll go to school wearing oxfords and high waisted pants and some guy friend or two will be like; “ Lola, why the flerb are you wearing that?”. And its like dontcha wanna just smack them over the head with the latest vogue and be like “ THIS IS FASHIONABLE YOU NUGGET MAN”.

Ugh that happens to me all the time.

To get back on topic yeish manrepeller is awesome and she has a phenomenal wardrobe that is much envied by my friends and I, also she’s hell-a-funny and really worth reading (

ALSO to all motherz. Happy mothers day! Children be nice to your female parent today! Cmon we can all do it for 24 hours :D

Photo Credits: The Man Repeller

Lola’S Fall Update…

Hey guys!!

Hope all of you, who went back to school this fall are having an EXCELLENT school year. I started at my new high school and it’s great! I love it!! The drama classes are really fun and so are the people. It’s totally chill and awesome.

I’m writing this blog entry while listening to “The Fruit Bats”, they’re chill, def check them out if you guys get the chance. Also, I really like The XX and Feist, Feist are WATSUPP.

So the weather this week in NYC has been so amazingly DEPRESSOR!!! It’s like major rainfallness. It sucks. Especially when I walk out my house and I just did my hair and it’s all good and straight and masses of water just splash onto my groomed head. I’m just like SHIZNEZZ!

I saw Easy A over the week end and… I liked it. I thought Emma Stone and Stanley Tucci were really good. Yo, AJ Michalka’s hair is no joke, that shiz doesn’t move!

OK! So umm yeah….. the material girl event was a few weeks ago. REPRESENT!! It was ZORSE (=awesome)!!!!! My friends came to the event, which was really fun. Well first my motta and I walked on this pink carpet for like a zillion years and did a bajillion interviews. Taylor Momsen looked great and was cool to hang with.

When we got into Macy’s, there were these dancers that performed and that was chill. There was a dance battle, basically all of these girls(dressed in material girl.HOLLAH) were fighting over this one guy, they got mad in eachothers faces and started crumping like madwomen, it was so cool.  All of a sudden this irrelevant trash bag just appeared on the dance floor… just being irrelevant. And I’m just like: ok, irrelevant… And out of the trash bag popped this contortionist lady. Like I didn’t see her in what I thought was just a dumb irrelevant trash bag. I mean THAT’S how flexible she was. So that was pretty crazy. Ok and THEN this guy Xavier just arrived on the dance floor in a kilt, yo he was mad fierce. He was hell-a-flexible tooo, he kept sticking his leg behind his head and was doing all these crazy hand moves. And I don’t use the word fierce very often, only when it needs to be used, like Nicki Minaj. She is fierce, oh and also she went to LaGuardia. REPRESENT. I buy every song she raps in and fast forward it to her part…

OK so  Macy’s – that’s what’s up!!

That’s all for now.

Shay Shay Coulay

Lola xo

Photo Credits: The Fruit Bats,  The XXFeist, Easy A

Lola’s Summer Livin’

Hey guys,

I was in Paris the other weekend with my family, it was sooo fun. I went to the YSL exhibit in the Grand Palais, it was Amaziiiiingg!!! Unfortunately we were NOT allowed to take pics, which SUCKED, cause then I would have showed y’all….
Anybody who lives or is going to Paris should DEFFOOOO go there.
The women’s suits are uhn-realz.

OTHER than that Material Girl launched last week, YES? YES? YESSSSSSSS, which is friggin cool, and Taylor Momsen looked awesome :)
All the posters and billboards are up in NYC and I hope you guys like it!!!

So it was my brother’s Birthday last weekend. The theme was like 80’s kind of Salt ‘N Peppa / oldschool hip-hop look. It was so fun and there were dancers battling. So I was really happy that it was 80’s themed and I had some door-knocker earrings and these peach fluorescent bike shorts, a flowered leotard with a cropped black and white football jacket with legwarmers. I have a pic J , ill show you. At one point the M.C had a contest for the most FAB outfit. I don’t even know why I’m telling you this because I didn’t win. LOL. It was fun anyway .

I watched the movie Kick-Ass the other night and LAAAAAAVED it, Chloe Moretz aka Hit Girl is GENIUS, she was I think THE best part of the movie, so cool.
Aaron Johnson is mad freakin hottt. They make him geeky in the movie but it’s just like “your hotness shines through all that”.

Also, I’m like re-decorating my room kind of, and I spent like a bajillion dollars on posters. I think it looks pretty cool and I’m only postering one side of my room. I figured when I’m done with that one side, I’ll start on the ceiling as well. Tell me what you think and some room decorating advice :)

Ok also!(Very important)The first 150 dancers to arrive at Broadway Dance Center in New York City on Thursday, August 26th at 8:30am will have a chance to be choreographed by my moms lead dancers and dance at the launch party for Material Girl at Macy’s NYC on  September 22nd!! So make sure all of you aMaZiNg dancers show up!! :) CLICK HERE for details.

That’s all for now but ill keep you posted,


Lola’s Summer Adventures

Hey again, thanks to everyone who shared and liked on Facebook which is cool because I’m trying to get as many views as possible ☺ MERCIZZ FOR THAT. hehe

Ok so as you all know Material Girl is OFFICIALLY coming out in like a week. Mehmehmehmehmeh. Awesome or what?!!! YESSS

Ok may I just say, not to brag or anything, but its pretty awesome and I do like the clothes a lot.

I’m not the designer of the line but my mom and I inspired it and do the styling and the putting together, staying on trend, yadayadayaaaahh

No but for rizzle, it’s a great line and if you guys like it that that is FABNOSITY. It’s cool because it’s not only rock chick, there are also some boho items, skater, and some great 80’s pieces as well. So please check the pieces out online or in stores and I really hope you all like it.

I went to the Jay-Z concert recently and that guy is amazingly awesome live, he’s a great performer. I was with like everyone from my house and we had a really good time. My mom was dancing the entire time which is LOL now that I think about it, but in the moment I was just like, ”mom……please no”. I hardly knew any of the words to the songs so I must have looked really stooopid because you know when you know like 2 words to a song and the rest your just mumbling because you don’t actually know any of the rest of the words and you look like a TOTAL dumbass. That’s what I looked like for the entire concert EXCEPT for the last song, which was “Numb” and which I know by heart.

I met Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall, who are maybe THE coolest couple I have met; they both have such great style as well. Kelly was wearing a stripy maxi  dress with a jean jacket and a light pink blazer over it. It was great to meet her and a lot of my inspiration comes from her. It sucks majorly that her and her bf broke up ☹

THIS WEEK I went to the movies and saw Get him to the Greek with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. That movie….was actually hilarious. P-Diddy is sooooo funny. YEEEESSS
Anyhooo while I was at the movies the Calvin Klein X underwear add with Kellan Lutz came on. No comment…except for that boy is Gorgeous and now I’m going to shut the hell up.

I saw this guy on the street the other day and he was so cool and he was so beautiful too, he was dressed like the lead singer from Guns’n’Roses. Whatsa bobbie I forgot his name. I took a pic of him☺Speaking of boys, um my brother went to Camden market to go buy shoes or something and came back with a GAS MASK and handcuffs. DON’T ASK.

So I went to this festival recently with some friends and it was called the Dare2 festival or something. It was really fun. All full of hippies and we stayed up really late and had like 14 crepes each and slept in small, highly flammable tents. It was good and all but don’t even get me started on those outhouses.

There was NO TOILET PAPER in any of them, I’m not even kidding. Some of us had to go around asking people for toilet paper….LOVELY.

Even if the toilet paper thing was a hot mess and none of us showered in like 48 hours , I’m still going back next year.

It was lovely blogging to you all, please keep reading and don’t forget to bring your own toilet paper to festivals. mehmehmehmeh


From Lola, With Love

OKEE, so I read a lot of your comments and I’m like uber happy you guys like my blog. A lot of you asked me what color I was dying my hair and it’s actually going to be like a kind of cherry blackish thingy bobbie. OH MY DAIZ.

I went and saw Shrek n#4 with my brother the other day….Oh my god it was amazing, like you don’t truly understand until you see it. And the donkey is just soooo friggin legendary haaaaaaa. And if you haven’t seen it, get off the computer (after reading this of course), and go see it.

So this week I’m listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack….don’t laugh – but I’m obsessed with it, ugh so good. Be My Baby is suuuuch a redonculous song. Also Florence + The Machine are amazing!! Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are great…two of the guys from her band look like Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.LOL. I recently got really interested in the group Muse, which are like reee-heeaally good. They are BLINGING INNIT MATE (British ghetto talk, its var var LOL).

Im going to East London in the next days, to this area called Bricklane, to get some more vintage – cuz you can never have to much vintagy-thrifty looking stuff. And also in the Material Girl collection, there’s gonna be a whole area of like one of a kind vintage things! HOLLA. Anyway…  so I’m gonna bring my camera to East London and take pictures of cool looking people and come off as weird cuz I’m gonna ask people to like stand still so I can take pics of them… but it will be LOL so yeah.

So I FINA-FREAKING-LY found the sandals that are NOT gladiators. They are black leather and they lace up from the toe until the ankle:) I will show you a pic.Giddy God.

Ok well I have to go and watch the football game semi-finals. It’s Germany vs Spain and I have to say that I’m def for Germany – on account of the large German community in my house.hehe. I have the German flag painted on my cheeks!
xoxo LOLA
PS: ok so the Germans lost :( but not surprising becuz it was just a hot mess. The final game is spain vs netherlands and I’ll prob watch it, some of the spanish players are PFH (pretty freakin hot):P