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Word, It’s Wednesday.

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Music Monday: M.I.A. x Janelle Monae x Holograms

Audi A3 hosted an event on Thursday night where they had Janelle Monae and M.I.A. scheduled to perform together- on different coasts, the same night. How did the duo perform together on each side of the country? Holograms. Both artists were set up as holograms at each show.

Check out the video below of M.I.A’s performance with a hologram Janelle Monae. What do you think about the future of holograms? Would you pay to see artists perform together on tour if only one of them was physically present? Let us know.

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Word, It’s Wednesday!

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I Will Never Let You Down- Rita Ora

Rita and BF producer, Calvin Harris have dropped a spring single as we anticipate Rita’s next album. Looks like the new thing is to drop music videos with new songs these days! The video has pops of color repping present times and also transitions to black and white moments remembering the 80′s and 90′s- What do you think of Rita’s new single and video? Let us know!

Word, It’s Wednesday

Music Monday: Recess- Skrillex


Skrillex used his iphone app “Alien App” to promote his first studio album, Recess, where people could stream the new songs before anyone else. Now, the highly anticipated albums can be streamed from a few different platforms in everyone’s reach. Crazy to think that this is Skrillex’s first album after being in the industry for so long, right?! How many of you have been Skrillex fans for a while?